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The Arrangement

A Lappish Winter wedding is a romantic fusion of Lappish traditions and your own White Wedding Dreams. Your nuptials begin with a meeting with a Shaman and a traditional Wedding Sauna the night before. The ceremony is conducted in Levi's Ice Gallery to which you will be driven in a reindeer sleigh by a Sami reindeer herder dressed in his traditional Gakti. Once wed your wedding breakfast is served in a Kota or Lappish hut accompanied by traditional Joiks, the song poems of the Sami people. For your honeymoon night you can choose between a room in the Ice Hotel, a Glass Igloo or hotel wedding suite.

The Place

Levi is Finnish Lapland's premier ski destiantion, an extraordinary destination where you can enjoy culinary feasts, arctic activities, snow fun or just enjoy the forest silence. Everywhere and anywhere there are masses of white, luminous snow under glimmering starry skies and the spectacular phenomenon of the Northern Lights. All of which makes it a perfect place for your Snow White Wedding.

Ice Gallery Luvattumaa

Each year, on the banks of Ounajoki River, Levi Ice Gallery is built anew. The 10 000 square meter snow and ice structure comprises of an snow hotel, an snow chapel, an ice bar and an ice and snow art gallery. Luvattumaa offers a unforgettable Winter Wedding experience. There is no more magical venue than the Ice Gallery. Your wedding ceremony will be held in the Icy Chapel, in the middle of hand-sculptured art of snow and ice. Luvattumaa offers also accommodation in their snow rooms which are all decorated individually with ice sculptures, snow reliefs and lights.

Levi Luxury House & Igloos

The Northern Lights Luxury House is a haven of indulgence: one man's personal and stunning vision of a holiday villa whose large picture windows create a stage for the galactic performances of the Artic Sky.The villa has a living room with panoramic views, two bedroom suites, sauna and a terrace with its own hot tub. The highlight of your stay here is a night in a Glass Igloo where you can feel in your every cell the perfect union of heaven and earth. Is there better ending for your day, than a night under the stars or even Aurora Borealis dancing in the sky?

Break Hotel Levi

More than just a hotel the Break in Levi is a vibrant interlude from everyday life. The Hotel interior reflects the spirit of Lapland. The rooms in three different buildings are all decorated to reflect all 4 Sami seasons; Lapland's summer brightness, autumn russets and subdued tints of  winter? The flora and fauna of Lapland are also present in the décor, for example, in paintings and curtains. The hotel’s sauna is heated every night, and a bathe in the Jacuzzi relaxes your body and soul. The hotel restaurant Kiisa, Coffee House and Bar are open every evening.

1st Day UK - Lapland

Scheduled Finnair flight(s) to Kittila in Finnish Lapland via Helsinki. Transfer to Levi Ski Resort, check into your accommodation.

2nd Day

In the morning you have some time to enjoy beautiful Lappish winter nature and activities. Later on today, you will be taken to Luvattumaa Ice Gallery, where your wedding will be held the next day. You will meet your wedding planner and you can go through once more that everything is planned as you wish for the following day. After you will be taken to a Lappish Kota – teepee, where a Lappish Shaman will prepare you for your marriage with a Lappish ceremony. Meanwhile a romantic candle light dinner is prepared for you. According to Finnish tradition, the couple needs to be purified from their past for the upcoming marriage and this is why, as a culmination of the day, the traditional Wedding Sauna will be ready for you in the evening. From the steaming sauna, you can also dip in to the Jacuzzi outside where you will be served some sparkling wine.

3rd Day

The morning is set aside for you to prepare for your special moment – the wedding itself – in the romantic setting of the hand-sculpted Ice Gallery. At the appointed hour, you are taken to the Ice Gallery for your wedding ceremony in a sleigh pulled by a reindeer. After the ceremony a special Wedding Breakfast is prepared for you in a Kota hut restaurant. Your wedding night you will spend in a glass igloo, where you get to desire beautiful Northern Lights celebrating your wedding night.

4th Day

Enjoy a late morning and breakfast. Today you will be taken to a private kick sled or show shoe tour, according to your wishes, which is arranged privately for you two. If you wish to enjoy other activities such as husky mushing, reindeer corral visit or Aurora Borealis hunt with snowmobiles, it is possible this evening. Enjoy your last night in the Northern Lights House and relax in your private Sauna & Jacuzzi.

5th Day Lapland - UK

Breakfast and time at leisure before transfer to airport and return flight(s), via Helsinki, back to London.

What’s included in your ScanAdventure:

Return scheduled Finnair flight(s) from Heathrow via Helsinki to Kittila
All passenger service charges and airport departure taxes
Pay on board cabin service
Carriage of luggage (1pc Cabin & 1pc Checked)
Airport/hotel transfers 3 nights in the House of the Northern Lights
1 night in a glass Igloo
4 breakfasts, 1 candle lit dinner and a Special Wedding Breakfast
Transfer to the Ice Gallery by liveried Sami Herder with reindeer sleigh
Civil wedding ceremony Licence and Magistrates fees/Assistance with pre- marriage formalities1
1 private Kick Sled or Snow Shoe tour

Departure Dates & Prices:

Departures from January From £5410 per bride & groom couple
Guests from £525 per person
Guide prices are in part based on our mid-level contract air fares which are veriable in real time unlike our ground supplier contract costs which are generally fixed. We don’t do fancy lead in prices and the time you confirm your booking always use the lowest air fare available. This may mean the confirmed price of your holiday being slightly less or more than the guide price in which case a proportionate reduction-supplement will apply. Carpe Diem = the earlier you book the better, especially for public & school holidays.

Wedding Sauna at Levi's River Spa

According to Finnish tradition, a couple need to be purified from their past before marrying which why, the Wedding Sauna is an important part of your Lappish Wedding the evening before. Luvattumaa's River Spa is a wonderfully distinct, rejuvenating experience. Quiet your mind and open your senses to the peaceful surroundings.Try out traditional sauna, ice sauna and hot and cold open air baths which have been scented with Lappish herbs and a dash of leaves from the small, aromatic birches growing on the nearby fjells.

Aurora Borealis safari by Snowmobile

Come and experience an exotic Arctic evening by driving through snow-covered forests and over frozen lakes by snowmobile. You will stop in the middle of the journey to enjoy a delicious snack of sausages and warm drinks around an open fire. Your guide will tell you the real Lappish story about how the Northern Lights, or in Lapland better known as the Lights of the Fox, were born. If you are lucky, the Aurora Borealis will dance her colorful dance in the night sky. Duration: 3 hours

Husky Safari

This safari will give you truly memorable dog sledding experience! After dressing up warmly, you will be transported by a bus from the Levi Safari House to the Husky Camp. The musher will show you how to balance on the sled, use the brake, steer and generally handle your own dog team. After a brief lesson you will drive with your own dog team into the Lappish wilderness. In a half way you have a chance to change drivers and have a little break to take some pictures with your dogs. After the sporty drive, you will enjoy hot berry juice on an open fire while listening to stories about the husky dogs.

Excursion to the Reindeer Coral

Excursion to reindeer corral is an authentic Lappish experience. Reindeer husbandry is an important livelihood in Lapland. Reindeer are semi-wild animals and roam free in the woods and forests, and are collected together only twice-a-year for reindeer round-ups. Your excursion will start with a short coach transfer with your guide from the Levi Safari House to the Reindeer Corral. Upon arrival to the reindeer corral you will find a traditional atmosphere and you will see people in traditional Lapp costume. The reindeer owner has a carefully selected group of reindeer which he has trained for sledge-pulling. As you sit snugly in the sleigh the reindeer will take you on a nice relaxed reindeer ride where you can admire the snowy fell landscape. After your ride you can enjoy coffee or hot berry juice in one of the farm's cosy huts and hear stories about reindeer.

Lapland Weddings Bespoke

Celebratory Champagne Wedding Breakfast | White Weddings in Levi

Your Wedding in Levi is tailored to be exactly as you would like it to be, not assayed or categorized by different precious metals, gold or otherwise!! We always aim to make your day as special as you dream it be. And our Wedding Planner Satu Peura's* experience runs to just about everything needed to make your special day and honeymoon run simply and smoothly, from guiding you through the legal formalities to booking flowers, cake, etc., etc., etc., etc.* Born & raised a Finn, Satu is from Tornio little more than 3 hours from Levi.