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Whale Watching

To catch sight of Minke, Humpback and very possibly Orca, Fin and Pilot Whales along with White-Beaked Dolphins, Harbour Porpoises and  Baskin Sharks we partner with Magnús Guðmundsson who skippers MS Rosin. The Rosin is a specially built whale watching ship with virtually uninterrupted sea vistas from its poop, midships and foredeck and a cruising speed of 24 knots to get you out to the whale spotting area of Faxaflói Bay faster than anybody else.

Northern Lights Spotting

Starts with a visit to Aurora Reykjavik, a sort of Aurora Planetarium down by the harbour and then a cruise offshore for one of the best chances Reykjavik offers of catching the Northern Lights showing against the mountain backdrop of Faxafloi Bay and (if you’re doubly lucky) reflected in the waters around you. (You can also Aurora spot on land if you prefer).


200 miles below the Arctic Circle and with a long time ‘cool’ reputation is a place to chillax in at night savouring food to die for, and get out of during the day enjoying safari adventures. On the city’s doorstep there are wild, romantic places with narrow fjords, deep ravines, vast glaciers, moraine deserts, dormant volcanoes, thunderous waterfalls and spouting geysers. 

Reception area in Hotel Klettur ScanAdventures ranking ScanPlus
Double deluxe room on upper floor of Hotel Klettur
Ground floor breakfast room in Hotel Klettur
Lounge area in Hotel Klettur

Klettur Hotel

just off Laugavegur, the city’s main street, the Klettur is one of Reykjavik’s newest hotels now grown from its inaugaration as modest lodgings to be a 166 room ScanPlus hotel. Styled with a black lava rock motif in the public areas and a biscuit brown and light pine in the bedrooms, the standard rooms are on the first three floors and de-luxe ones on the 2 upper floors with views to the north or south facing balconies. All have private WC/shower, fridge, satellite TV, safe, hairdryer and WI-FI. There is a ground floor breakfast room, lounge with a pool table and evening bar with a range of Icelandic beers.

1st Day UK - Iceland

Fly from The UK to Keflavik International Airport, transfer on arrival to and check in at Reykjavik's Hotel Klettur.

2nd & 3rd Days Safari Excursions

Pick and mix from our epic range of Safari excursions to make the most of your stay in the city we dub ‘Latitude with Attitude’. Whale watching in Falaxoi Bay and an evening searching for the Northern Lights are included. Other Bucket list must do’s are the trio of geo-wonders known as the Golden Circle; the south coast’s waterfalls, black sand beaches, Jokulsarlon Lagoon. You can also take a ride in a Super Jeep or climb on a glacier. Half day, full day and evening safaris are all available and for the treat of a lifetime fly in a helicopter and land on the steam fissured Hengill!! .

4th Day Reykjavik – UK

Leave the city mid-morning with an optional visit to the Blue Lagoon to bathe in its uniquely soporific, turquoise waters before transferring to Keflavik airport for your return flight home.

What’s included in your ScanAdventure:

Return scheduled flights from UK to Keflavik International Airport
All airport departure taxes and passenger service charges
Carriage of luggage (1pc Cabin & 1pc Checked)
Arrival & departure transfers
3 nights hotel accommodation at the Hotel Klettur
Lodging in twin room(s) with private WC/shower
3 Scandinavian style Buffet Breakfasts

Departure Dates & Prices:

October 4th 2016 - April 1st 2017
From £725pp
Guide prices are in part based on our mid-level contract air fares which are veriable in real time unlike our ground supplier contract costs which are generally fixed. We don’t do fancy lead in prices and the time you confirm your booking always use the lowest air fare available. This may mean the confirmed price of your holiday being slightly less or more than the guide price in which case a proportionate reduction-supplement will apply. Carpe Diem = the earlier you book the better, especially for public & school holidays.

The Iconic Golden Circle

A ScanAdventures Safari that bombards the senses. First stop the landscapes south of Lake Þingvallavatn before the National Park Þingvellir. From there continue to Gullfoss, the Golden Waterfall, with its foaming, thundering waters invariably over-arched with a rainbow. Then to the Geyser area with its spouting water geysers and bubbling mud pots with time for lunch (payable locally). Return to Reykjavík via the cathedral at Skálholt, the extraordinary crater Kerið and the greenhouse community Hveragerði. Hotel pick up at 08.00 on Day of Choice. Tour lasts for 8 1/2 hours. Price £72. Children go free, gratis and for nothing. Teenagers pay half price.

Variations on the Golden Circle

there any numbers of variations on a theme possible with the ‘Golden Circle’ Safari. You can do it in the afternoon combined with a City sightseeing Tour in the morning; some Whale Watching or Horse Riding; a bathe in the Blue Lagoon (particularly good if you have an early departure flight from Iceland and might otherwise miss out) or a Safari Tour along the Reykjanes Peninsula. Hotel pick up at 08.30 on Day of Choice for Combi Tours or 12.30 for an Afternoon Tour on its own. Tours lasts between 6 and 10 hours. Price from £69pp depending on tour obviously. Children go free, gratis and for nothing. Teenagers pay half price.

Porsmork | Holidays to Iceland
Porsmork | Holidays to Iceland
Porsmork | Holidays to Iceland
Porsmork | Holidays to Iceland

Porsmork The Glacier Valley

a full day adventure to Porsmork, a valley shielded on three sides by glaciers and mountains and surrounded by ice caps and glacial rivers. Start by being driven across the Hellisheidi Plateau stopping at Hvolsvollur to pick up lunch (payable locally) to Seljalandsfoss, a plunge waterfall behind which you can walk and see the water dropping off the cliff from which it tumbles. Continue to Porsmork, remote and inaccessible for much of the year, laced with melt water rivers and a habitat to over 170 plant species nestling in a setting of low birch trees. Here you’ll have time for lunch and an hour’s hike and on the return an opportunity for more hiking in the rugged gorge known as Stakkholtsgja at the end of which there is a waterfall. Hotel pick up at 07.15 Daily (May 1st to Sep 30th). Tour lasts for 10 hours. Price £120pp. Kinder ( age up to15) go free, gratis and for nothing.

Jokulsarlon Iceberg Lagoon

discover some of the south coast’s most iconic scenery on the way across bridges fording dramatic outwash plains interspersed with black sand beaches and lava fields to the Jokulsarlon Lagoon. The Lagoon’s luminous blue icebergs tinted with black volcanic dust float in the Lagoon for several years, gradually self-sculpting themselves in to different shapes before finally working their way out to sea. You’ll take a boat trip amongst them on a DUKW, a mechanical amphibian originating in WW2 which can be driven up on the shore, as well as in the water. Along the way you’ll stop at both Seljandsfoss and Skogafoss, plunge waterfalls dropping off cliffs that once marked the shoreline. Hotel pick up at 07.30 daily (Jun 1st to Aug 31st) and on Tues, Thur, Sat or Sun (Apr 1st to May 31st & Sep 1st to Oct 31st). Tour lasts for 14 hours. Price £191pp. Kinder go free, gratis and for nothing. Teen Kinder pay half price.

Breidafjordur Bay & Latrabjarg Cliff

a bird photographer and enthusiasts dream capturing the magic of arctic birdlife in Breidafjordur Bay and that of Europe’s largest bird cliff Latrabjarg amongst some of Iceland’s most remote and rugged scenery. You’ll be driven early in the morning to Stykkisholmur, a picturesque fishing village on the north side of the Snaefellsnes peninsula, where you’ll board the local ferry out into the Bay for the 3 hour crossing to Brjánslækjar on the Vatnasfjordur. En route you’ll stop at the little island of Flatey (winter population 5) with its coloured clapboard houses and after disembarkation taken to the 13km long Latrabjarg bird cliffs. Here you’ll be able to catch sight of the zillions of puffins, guillemots, razorbills and gannets that make this their nesting home amongst the rocky outcrops that offer them shelter from the northerly winds and arctic foxes. Hotel pick up! At 06.00 on Sun (Jun 15th to Aug 31st). Tour lasts for 17 hours. Price £195pp. Too long for Kinder!

Whale Spotting

Faxaflói Bay is regularly frequented by Minke Whales, White-Beaked Dolphins, Harbour Porpoises and Humpbacks with very occasionally Orca, Fin Whales, Baskin Sharks and Pilot Whales appearing. For our ScanAdventure we partner with Magnús Guðmundsson, the fleet Admiral operating MS Rosin, a specially built ship offering virtually uninterrupted sea vistas from the poop, amidships and foredeck and with a cruising speed of 24 knots gets out to the whale spotting area faster than any of the alternatives. The saloon has comfort seating, flat screen TV’s and wide vista windows so even if you’re warming up below with a hot chocolate. Departures at 10.00 & 14.00 May to August. Tour lasts for 21/2 hours. Price £73pp. Children (7-15) pay half price. Alternative departures with an educational focus particularly suited to children at 09.00 & 13.00 (Apr to Sep) and 17.00 (May15th to Sep 15th) available on MS Andrea, a former ferry with substantial exterior decking and interior space.

Super Jeep Safari by ScanAdventures | Iceland Holidays
Super Jeep off road tour | Holidays to Iceland
Iceland Glacier Snowmobiling | ScanAdventures
Super Jeep n Myrdalsjokull Glacier | ScanAdventures

Super Jeep Safari

the white-knuckle ride of all time in an Icelandic Super Jeep, the ultimate ‘boy’s toy’ Jeremy Clarkson style, a customised version of a Land RoverDefender or SUV with reinforced chassis, heightened wheel clearance and 4 foot diameter wheels. Plus air compressor and deflatable tyres for traction on lava fields and ice and a sat nav system, gyro compass and lots of other high-tech add-ons. First stop the landscapes south of Lake Pingvallavatn before the National Park Pingvellir. From there continue to the Geysir area with its spouting water geysers and bubbling mud pots with time for lunch (not included). And then to Gullfoss, the Golden Waterfall, with its foaming, thundering waters over-arched with a rainbow or frozen, in winter, as giant stalactites before carrying on to Langjökull for an optional snowmobile tour on top of the glacier. Return to Reykjavik via the the extraordinary crater Kerid and the greenhouse community Hveragerdi. Hotel pick-up at 8:30 am for 8-9 hours. (Tues, Thurs, Sat). £275 pp Kinder (5-12) pay half price. Glacier Snowmobiling Supplement £148pp Kinder (5-12) pay half price

View over Lake Tjörnin | Reykjavik Short Breaks
Quad biking along the Reykjanes Peninsula | Iceland Holidays
Herd of 5 gaited Icelandic Horses | Iceland Holidays
Scuba diving in Pingviller | Reykjavik Short Breaks

Bespoke Safaris

We spend a lot of time sorting through dross, separating the wheat from the chaff or whatever meaphore you prefer to describe sifting the good excursions & safaris from the bad, ugly and downright dishonest. At the last count we numbered 640 excursion options operating out of Reykjavik through over 40 suppliers with nothing short of a rash appearing/springing up in the last two or three years. Some like the Langjökull Ice Cave are epic. Others are rubbish. We work with peole we know and have known for years with a proven track record of delivering authentic Icelandic experiences. People like one time Icelandair Managing Director Hjörvar Sæberg Högnason who has injected new life into classic tours, Ólöf Einarsdótti who pioneered snowmobiling on Langjokull,Fridrik Pálsson who turned a fishing lodge in to a 4 star hotel and others. From the innumerable we design a cocktail to suit you depending on your interests. Everything from a quad bike ride on a lava field to snowmobiling on a glacier; a horse ride to a sub acqua dice alongside tectonic plates(sic); a helicopter flight to an off shore cruise; a BBQ lunch on hot volcanic lava rock to supper by the seashore.Think of us as your personal Trip Advisor and we'll put together something different. 

Aurora Cruise

start with a visit to Aurora Reykjavik, a sort of Aurora Planetarium down by the harbour and then cruise offshore for one of the best chances Reykjavik offers of catching the Northern Lights showing against the mountain backdrop of Faxafloi Bay and (if you’re doubly lucky) reflected in the waters around you. Your boat the Rosin is a specially built one offering virtually uninterrupted vistas from the poop; amidships and on the foredeck to catch the Aurora however fleetingly they appear. In the saloon below comfort seating, flat screen TV’s and wide vista windows allow you a 360 degree view of the night sky even when you’re taking time out for a hot cocoa. Boat leaves the harbour at 21.00 on Evening of Choice and lasts for 2/3 hours. Price £45pp. Older & Teen Kinder pay half price. Little ones sail for free. If our guides decide the auguries for seeing the aurora are not good, you can re-book for any subsequent night or have supper on us at Restaurant Kopar.

Northern Lights over Pingvellir National Park | Iceland Holidays
Northern Lights over Langjokull | Northern Lights Holidays
Northern Lights over ION Hotel | Reykjavik Short Breaks
Northern Lights over Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon | ScanAdventures

Northern Lights Safari

Hunt for the Northern Lights with our new tour on which exclusively we include a astronomy binocular, free star consteallation map, camera tripods, photography assistance and both on-board personal host & audio guidance*. Sometimes white, wispy and elusive; at others rainbow coloured, swirling and dramatic, the Norwegian, who first gave an explanation as to how they come about was driven mad (literally) by them. If you’re lucky enough to catch a sighting your reaction may be a touch more muted but no less awe struck. The tour comes with a Night Time Gurantee - if you don't see them you can re-book for any subsequent evening or get a full refund on your return. Hotel pick up at 20.30/21.30 on Evening of Choice. Tour lasts for approximately 3 hours. Price £53pp. Children (5-11) go free, gratis and for nothing.Teenagers (12-15) pay half price.You can also rent warm winter boots £9pp and/or a thermal down jacket £18pp if you need them.* in bus audio guidance in 10 languages 

Northern Lights Safari by Super Jeep

the ScanAdventures secret ingredient here is your tour guide (local, experienced) and his vehicle (modified Land Rover Defender with reinforced chassis, 48 inch diameter wheels, air compressor & deflatable tyres). After picking you up from your hotel he drives out of the City to escape the urban lighting and into the surrounding countryside where the spectacular lunar like landscapes provide an ideal backdrop as and when the Northern Lights appear, he’s on hand to help you capture the spectacle on film. Hotel pick up at 20.00 on Evening of Choice. Tour lasts for 3 to 5 hours. Price £168pp. Kinder pay half price.

Aurora Alert:

with all our Northern Lights safaris our guides make a final decision on whether to go hunting or not by 18.00 on the day booked. If they decide not to go you can re-book for any subsequent night.

Minke whales in Faxaloi Bay | ScanAdventures

  • Flights from 4 UK airports 
  • 3 nights accommodation at Hotel Klettur
  • Breakfasts throughout
  • Prices from £725pp