Money, Money, Money*

With our unique Triple Lock Financial protection arrangements your money is 100% safe with us . All our flight‐inclusive arrangements to/from the UK are financially protected by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) under our ATOL Licence number 5662]. All non-flight arrangements and flight inclusive arrangements booked from outside the UK are financially protected through Protected Travel Services (Membership Number 5223); your holiday monies are paid in to their Trust Account operating in a similar manner to a solicitor's client account. Plus, we have have scheduled airline & supplier failure insurance, are IATA accredited agents (91256476 and adhere to the travel industry’s most stringent recommended terms and conditions (ABTA’s). *courtesy of Agnetha, Björn, Benny & Anni-Frid of course.

What We’re About

Searching for the Authentic in our unending Guerrilla war against modern tourism’s Paradox where everywhere, when first discovered, is prized for its authenticity, originality & difference. And then smothered beneath what most of the world can’t seem to do without: visitor centres, ‘international cuisine’, hotels shorn of any trace of locality, blazer wearing guides, WI-FI and lots of plastic.

Rooms not Hotels

We book rooms not hotels – we leave that to . We choose where you sleep on the basis that it'll feel like you’re abroad not in a Novotel. In cities we use places in the centre so 'Breif Encounter City Break' means what it says on the tin, and in the countryside, places that are kilometres from anywhere.

Who We Know

Some of the best people in the business, many of them for years: hoteliers who treat their guests as just that; guides who are natives of their area; Sami who wear their Gakti as of right not just for tourists; people who have pride in their country and in showing it to you for real. People for whom tourism is a secondary way of life.

We're for Real

We’re real people in a real office, not a faceless phone number with ‘speak your weight machine’ voices, so if you want to come and see us, please do. We’re in London 5 minutes from the nearest tube station. Just let us know when you’re coming so we can put the coffee on. But if you’re a busy bee,we love to talk on the phone or you can e-mail us.

We don't have Clients

We like to think of our Clients as PGs or paying guests, who we treat as we'd like to be treated. We think of them as having the same unending enthusiasm for Travel that's an Adventure as we do. Whether Mushing Huskies with a Polar Explorer, Chillaxing in Stockholm, Reindeer Trekking in Sapmi, Sailing down Norway’s Geirangerfjord or Spotting Whales in Iceland.

Packages are for DHL

Packages we don’t do. The arrangements on this site are ideas; nothing more, nothing less. We can modify, adapt, turn them around, or alter a tour in anyway you’d like. And if you want to start from scratch with a blank sheet of paper – that’s fine too.

What We Know

Things other people don’t. Where in Iceland Myvatn’s underground bakery is (try asking somebody else); where you can lunch in Stockholm with an epic view of the city; where to get the best Smorrebrod in Copenhagen. Why it’s better to ride down the Flam Railway than up it; how to get the best views of the Geirangerfjord, which of Iceland’s glaciers is the most awesome, which of Sweden’s islands is home to the country’s A list, and so on and so on.