Reportedly the number of people taking an Iceland Holiday has quadrupled in the last 7 years.  And whilst the island's vast moraine deserts are, of course, still dotted with  steaming  fumaroles, scarred with glaciers and edged with rainbow imaging waterfalls, in some places there are more people than puffins. So as we always do we search out the places others don't - here's our latest update. 

Better known to locals as Gamla Laugin the 'not so secret lagoon' is the real thing - a local village spa by Fludir whose natural hot springs with water at around 38 Celsius are surrounded by steaming fumaroles. Time past was when every village had steam baths like these where the locals relaxed and kept themselves clean. If you want a true hint of Iceland not a synthetic, manufactured one this the place for you. You can see it for yourself on our Reykavik Brief Encounter Short Break www.scanadventures.co.uk/holidays-in-Icelander/reykjavik-short-breaks
Fjallsárlón is an iceberg lagoon at the south end of the glacier Vatnajökull. On the lagoon, you can see floating icebergs that calve from the edge of the glacier. Unlike its better known near neighbour Jökulsárlón is a icy oasis where you can get up close and personal with the glacier from which bergs regularly calve in to the lagoon. We include a trip on the lagoon on our Flashpackers Safari www.scanadventures.co.uk/holidays-in-iceland/flashpackers-safari-road-trip or any Road Trip we arrange for you.
On a trip some years back my No 2 son spotted some women spanning 3 generations stood in the scorched sand coloured desert with steam plumes evanescently disappearing over Lake Myvatn. They were gathered around several dustbin lids covering holes lined with washing machine drums into which they were loading milk cartons. These were, we learnt, filled with rye mash and molasses and left inside the drums whose mesh allowed geo-thermal steam to vent around the cartons. No 2 son had not only found Myvatn’s only underground bakery but also its management.The bread is a compact sweet rye, an acquired taste and to be had on any of our tours to the North. 
Whale watching from Dalvik on the Eyjafjordur close to Akureyri in Iceland's north east corner. Here you have as good as chance as it gets of seeing the great humpback whale and you can often spot white-beaked dolphins, minke whales, the small harbour porpoises and sometimes even the majestic blue whale, fin whales or killer whales. Overall our partner sees whales or dolphins on 98% of his tours.
The Island Archipelago is made up of the main island with just over 4000 inhabitants,15 uninhabited islands (although 6 have hunting cabins), around 30 rocks and skerries, and Surtsey an island formed by underground volcanic eruptions between 1963 to 1967. If you want a chunk of Iceland unsullied by tourism's ludicrous excesses, people living ordinary lives, gob smacking scenery and wildlife the archipelago is for you.The islands also have a back story of fortitude, bravery and selflessness born of a volcanic eruption in www.theatlantic.com/photo/2017/01/the-eldfell-eruption-of-1973/514394/  
A quintessentially idiosyncratic Icelandic enterprise at Friðheimar Knútur and Helena grow tomatoes all year round under glass rendering the long dark winters irrelevant. Along the way they've found time to raise 5 children (all blonde and blue eyed of course); breed horses and open an atrium restaurant in the middle of their greenhouse complex so you can lunch on what they grow. On many of our arrangements we include a visit here either as part of a group or on a bespoke Road Trip. Browse around what they get up to here http://fridheimar.is/en 

Here's our Iceland Blog Spot (No 24 July 2018) for you to glance over. With a 25 year pedigree in designing Iceland Holidays holidays and Travel Designers who are all Scandi natives by birth, we modestly lay claim to an Experience 2nd2 None. It’s that that lies behind each and every one of the holidays we feature and turns them into something of an adventure. And if you can’t see a holiday to fit your personal purse & passions, who better than a native to design you a bespoke one, whether under the Northern Lights or the Midnight Sun