Father Christmas' Cottage in Finnish LaplandFather Christmas' Cottage in Finnish LaplandFather Christmas' Cottage in Finnish Lapland


Some years back I succumbed to months of relentless pressure from my children and took them to Thorpe Park for the day. They loved it – I hated it. They saw only the thrill of the rides – I recall hours waiting in cattle pens to get on them. They just ate – I starved because the food was execrable. Later that same year we went to see the Royal Shakesp0eare Company’s version of Peter Pan. Hook was menacing; Neverland never more authentic and Peter’s flight ‘straight on to morning’ mesmerizing. The children loved it – I loved it – we all loved it. Which brings me to Father Christmas in Lapland and taking children to see him.
There are lots of flights to somewhere near his home at Korvatunturi in Finnish Lapland; numerous companies to travel with, umpteen lengths of stay to choose from and any number of ‘Real Lapland’ experiences. The question is do you want to enjoy it too? Do you want a Thorpe Park or a Royal Shakespeare Company time? We may not have a Frederick Ashton on our books and I’m no J M Barrie but we know how to stage a play that you’ll enjoy as much as your children [or grandchildren for that matter]. We set the scene in family owned places that play out traditional Lutheran customs in a commercially unsullied way.
We take blocks of seats on scheduled flights rather than charter a whole plane load so we can take small groups of like minded people. We arrange the story we have to tell over two or three days with relaxing intervals. We take you with your children to see Father Christmas in the forest and also arrange for him to come and visit you. Our reindeer herders are genuine Sami ones rather than people dressed up for the occasion; our huskies live in kennels where they were born and our snowmobiles 4 stroke turbo charged ones with comfort rear suspension. [If the latter description leaves you cold it means you can enjoy a ride without your coccyx being jammed up your throat].
It’s the difference between an RSC experience and a Thorpe Park one. We call them UnTours - we think you’ll enjoy ours as much as your children http://www.scanadventures.co.uk/holidays-in-lapland/father-christmas-adv...

Blog Spot No 28 (Oct 8th 2019).  With a 25 year pedigree in designing Holidays to Scandinavia (www.scanadventures.co.uk) and Travel Designers who are all Scandi natives by birth, we modestly lay claim to an Experience 2nd2 None. And one of the ways we do that is to keep tabs on what's what and writing it up here from time to time. It's that experience that lies behind everything we design and helps turn your Scandi Holiday, whether under the Midnight Sun or Northern Lights, into something of an adventure.