Hotel Reykjavik Natura | ScanAdventures Brief Encounter City Breaks


Every so often we surprise and even surpass ourselves. A few weeks back Odinsson2 saw the Hotel Natura which he had unforgivably not done since it morphed out of the old Loftleidir. Well you can’t really call this a refurbishment or renovation more like a transformation. The reception isn’t like a reception, more of an open plan living room with bar, comfort seating cubby holes here and there, bar and a restaurant serving up Icelandic produce in a contemporary style. The rooms are a chunky 22m2 and have in them what you’d expect from a 4 star hotel: private WC/bathtub/shower, WI-FI, TV, hairdryer, coffee/tea maker and Soley organic toiletries. (If you’re not up to speed Soley is Icelandic actress Sóley Elíasdóttir who turned her family’s cosmetics business into a sort of an upmarket Body Shop).

So taken with the place was Odisnnson2 that he cajoled them into giving us some very special prices for this summer which we’ve matched up with some equally special fares from WOW. And if you haven’t flown with them before, you’ll find yourself using their name as interjection, verb and noun: you’ll go ‘WOW’, they will WOW you and their in flight act is a WOW. And then when you’re there you’re spoilt for choice about what to: whale watching, northern lights spotting, travel the Golden Circle, bathe in the Blue Lagoon, etc, etc, etc. Read the low down at

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