Fumaroles at Namafjell Myvatn | Iceland Holidays


I was on the way down from Namafjell to Reykjahlid for the third time driving as slowly as I could with Mrs Odinsson alongside me and No 2 son in the back.  Either side of us were sulphur pits and fumaroles with steam plumes drifting lazily across the scorched sand coloured mountains and then evanescently disappearing over Lake Myvatn. No 2 son had his finger on the point on the map stretched out on his lap marked 'Underground bakery' which he was determined to find.

Mrs Odinsson thought the search pointless; she'd had the bread with some lamb soup at Gamli Baer, pronounced it superb but had no interest in its provenance.  And was even less fascinated by that supposedly being an underground bakery. Things had got to the point where her indulgence was beginning to wear thin not least because she thought a visit to the Myvatn Nature Baths likely more rewarding.

Just as I was beginning to think about whose displeasure I was going to incur most there was an excited command from the back seat; ‘Drive over there Dad’. I swing the car off the road and headed towards a small huddle of women whom No 2 son was convinced would know the bakery’s whereabouts.

I parked the car and we all walked towards the women who spanned 3 generations. They were standing around several dustbin lids covering holes lined with washing machine drums into which they were loading milk cartons. These were, we learnt, filled with rye mash and molasses and left inside the drums whose mesh allowed geo-thermal steam to vent around the cartons. No 2 son had not only found Myvatn’s only underground bakery but also its management .

On our North & South Adventure holiday http://www.scanadventures.co.uk/holidays-in-iceland/iceland-north-south we’ll show you where the bakery is for yourself and more to the point where to enjoy the dark, sweet rye bread it produces. It's what we mean by ‘Your adventure Our Experience’.

Odinsson 2 is the nom de plume of our MD

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