New Combination Kelo Pine & Glass Igloo at Kakslauttanen


When it's a] made of glass b] annexed to a cabin and c] one of Jussi Eiramo's latest creations at Kaklsuattanen. Jussi, who went for a weekend's fishing at Kakslauttanen and has stayed ever since, is obviously easily bored. He began by building a clutch of deadwood pine log cabins set amongst a pine forest. Then came an Ice Village with a chapel, real snow igloos, a giant smoke sauna and other bits and pieces. Then he turned a one time gold panning field into a home for Father Christmas and built some glass (sic) igloos alongside it. And now this coming November comes an amalgam of cabin and igloo. The cabin bit looks like you want a log cabin to look like: built from the rare ‘dead standing’ pine known as kelo which, because it needs no machining, retains all its natural texture, colour and even pine smell. The igloo bit is made of a unique heated glass which keeps its clarity and through which you can see the stars and Northern Lights for as long as they appear, and you can stay awake. Cabigloos are 57 m2 with a twin sofa bed and bunk beds in the living area and twin beds in the Igloo bedroom part. Each has an open log fire, WC/Shower & private sauna. There's not many of them so first come first served

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