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Mushing on Lake Inari with Juha-Pekka |  ScanAdventures

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A 6 Day holiday staying with Juha-Pekka, his wife Outi and their children at their Guest House Husky and some 130 or so Alaskan sled dogs. Mushing for an inaugural day from there and then overnighting in a wilderness cabin. Looking after your own team of dogs including lacing up & feeding them; learning the musher's art of balance, how to steer and brake a larchwood sled and mushing over the mystical snow sparkling Lake Inari. And here in the spiritual heartland of the Sami people spending nights in the wilderness where with luck, and the blessing of Philip Pullman's Serafina Pekkala Witch Queen, you should spot the Northern Lights.

Guest House Husky by Lake Inari |Finland Holidays by ScanAdventures
Twin Room at Guest House Husky by Lake Inari | ScanAdventures
Wilderness Cabin by Lake Inari | Holidays to Finland
Interior of Wilderness Cabin by Lake Inari | Finland Holidays

Guest House Husky

Guest House Husky started life in Iceland: co-owners Juha-Pekka and Outi were talking with a livestock farmer they were staying with and she asked whether husky breeders like them had guest accommodation which at the time they didn't. So was born the germ of an idea and a dream. Today they have a guest house and three children; the obvious moral being cautious of taking advice form Icelandic farmers. Built from old pine logs the house and spread across three floors there are four twin rooms on the first floor and two larger rooms on the second all with a shower/WC. On the lower ground floor are reception, a dining room with logwood fire and that most Finnish of institutions the house Sauna. Above all this is Outi, Juha-Pekka and their three ambassador children Konsta, Aksell & Kosti's home where you stay as a PG, and which is about as far away from the notion of a hotel as you can get. And of course, alongside are the honoured residents, some 140 huskies, mostly Alaskan ones but with a few Siberians as well. Out in the wilderness, on an island on Lake Inari surrounded by silence, is a wilderness cabin with an adjacent sauna building where you'll spend a night or two during any of our trips.

Day 1 UK - Lapland

fly with Finnair to Ivalo in Finnish Lapland via Helsinki and transfer on arrival to Guest House Husky, check into your room and sit down to a home made dinner whilst your host guide runs through the next few days programme.

Day 2 Mushing & Guest House Husky

after breakfast get kitted out in thermals and learn how to balance your body on a larchwood sled, use the brake, steer and generally handle your own dog team. Then lace up a 4 or 6 dog team and set off two to a sled on your first mush: the cacophony of barking, yelping and woofing suddenly vanishing into the snow with the only sound to be heard, the slicing of your sled's runners in the snow. Stop for an Arctic Al Fresco lunch around an open fire bfore returning to the Guest House. Spend the remainder of the day snow shoeing or cross country skiing; taking a sauna or just watching the remains of the day. Supper at the Lodge.

Day 3 Wilderness Mushing

after breakfast pack up your equipment for a 3 day mush driving your own team of dogs. Whoosh through a landscape of crystal glittering lakes, snow draped pines and spiritual silence. Stop for an Arctic Al Fresco lunch around an open fire and continue on to a wilderness cabin. When you arrive help settle your dogs (and they will be 'yours' by then), light a fire, help with supper both for yourself and the dogs and generally muck in. After supper dive down deep in your sleeping bag and sleep the sleep of a tired adventurer.

Day 4 Wilderness Mushing

after breakfast for both you and the dogs harness up your team again for a day long mush over Lake Inari with its vast openness, islands dotted like snow crusted lilies and silence scarrred only by the breath and padding paws of your dog team. Stop to light a fire in the open and warm up with hot soup and an Arctic picnic lunch before continuing on, eventually arriving back at your cabin Settle your dogs, light a fire, fetch water for the sauna help with supper both for yourself and the dogs and generally muck in. Sleep the sleep.

Day 5 Mushing & Guest House Husky

after breakfast pack up your gear, load it onto the sledges and mush along different trails back to Guest House Husky stopping for lunch en route. Take your last supper reminiscing ove r your days as Amundsen.

Day 6 Lapland - UK

take breakfast, say farewell to your dogs and transfer to the airport for your return fligh to the UK.

What’s included in your ScanAdventure:

Return scheduled flight(s) from Heathrow via Helsinki to Ivalo
All passenger service charges and airport departure taxes
In flight complimentary coffee/tea/blueberry juice and pay on board food service
Carriage of luggage (1pc Cabin & 1pc Checked)
Private group return Airport/Hotel transfers
3 nights’ accommodation at Guest House Husky
Lodgings in 40 square metre cabin apartment with own porched entrance, private WC/shower, sauna & separate sitting room room 1 night's accommodation in wilderness cabin
7 breakfasts, 7 lunches (2 al fresco) and 7 suppers
Husky mushing tuition & safaris as per itinerary
Northern Lights evening in Kota
Optional night in a Snow Igloo Smoke sauna session
Complete set of protective clothing:
thermal salopette & jacket or onesie; gloves, mittens, ribbed socks, snow boots, scarf & deer flapped hat for duration of stay. Services of local guide(s)

Departure Dates & Prices:

Guide Price: rices are in part based on our mid-level contract air fares which are vAriable in real time unlike our ground supplier contract costs which are generally fixed. We don’t do fancy lead in prices and the time you confirm your booking always use the lowest air fare available. This may mean the confirmed price of your holiday being slightly less or more than the guide price in which case a proportionate reduction-supplement will apply. Carpe Diem = the earlier you book the better, especially for public & school holidays.

Safaris included or available on request

Al Fresco lunch around an open fire | Guest House Husky Inari

  • Outi, Juha-Pekka, Konsta, AkselI & Kosti ( The Family)
  • 140 Alaskan Huskies (The Dogs)
  • Guest House Husky (The Place)
  • Protective Thermal Clothing included
  • Guide Price £1995pp