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Inspired by Iceland

Summer Safari Adventures

A 4 or 6 day Iceland Holiday staying in Mosfelsbaer on the edge of Reykjavik and getting out and about during the days: ideal for a long weekend, half term or the school holidays. Your lodgings at the Hotel Laxnes where you'll be looked after by our bestie Shaun Roberts just 15 minutes from Reykjavik in a neighbourhood of grassy screes, ponds and rivers overlooked by the imperious Mount Esja and the ‘go to place’ for young Icelandic families.

Design Your Own Adventures

Design your own family adventure holiday from our portfolio of activities and safari excursions. Many of these you can do either with a local guide or by hire car which can be arranged on the spot and be particularly useful if you want to try and catch the Northern Lights without staying out too late. On your door step are riding tours you can combine with Gullfoss & Geyser or Whale Watching in Falaxoi Bay; Stykkisholmur on the Snaefellsnes Peninsula; Borgarnes Settlement Centre where you can catch up on your Sagas and Reykholt, a sort of shrine to Saga author Snorri Sturluson. Our Plus includes a North facing room guarantee and arrival night dinner in Gulla's Kaffihúsið ÁlafossiCafe .

Rainbow above Hotel Laxnes, Iceland by ScanAdventures
Double room in Hotel Laxnes, Iceland by ScanAdventures
Restaurant bar in Hotel Laxnes, Iceland
Hot tub outside of Hotel Laxnes, Iceland

The Hotel Laxnes

A lodge style hotel with views to Mount Esja; our rooms are all North facing to give you best chance of seeing the Northern Lights should they show ( the staff will give you a call before midnight if they do ). Twin rooms are on the bigger size with 2 single beds which can be pushed together as a double, a small table, 2 chairs, T.V & private WC/Shower. You can also upgrade to a studio with 3/4 beds, underfloor heating, WI-FI, small self-catering kitchen unit and private WC/shower. In the hotel’s public area there is a breakfast bar, lounge cum bar with snooker table and board games and a bowl of lamb soup with crusty bread most evenings. Most importantly the hotel is hands on managed by our Head Boy’s long standing friend Shaun Roberts who loves nothing more than helping guests getting the best from their stay.

Main lounge at Hotel Husafell | Holidays to Iceland
Standard room at Hotel Husafell | Holidays to Iceland
Standard room at Hotel Husafell | Holidays to Iceland
Northern Lights over Hotel Husafell | Holidays to Iceland

Hotel Husafell

Sitting in Borgarfjörður's stunningly different landscapes close to Hraunfossar, the Lava Falls, whose clear rivulets seep through the lava in to the river Hvita the eponymous Húsafell is something else. Modernistic, stylish and with grub to die the hotel has 48 rooms in four sizes, Standard, Deluxe, Superior Deluxe, and a Suite. Standard rooms have en-suite bathrooms and furnishings echoing muted lava colours and featuring paintings by local artist made good Pall Gudmundsson. On the hotel's doorstep is a geothermal pool and close by a staggering man made ice cave ( This hotel is only available as a consituent part of an inclusive itinerary.

1st Day UK – Iceland

Fly from the UK to Keflavik International Airport and transfer by FlyBuss to the Hotel Laxnes. Stay for 4 or 6 nights.

Design Your Own Days

Design your own stay from our portfolio of safari excursions listed below.

4th/6th Day Iceland – UK

Transfer from the hotel to the Blue Lagoon for a valedictory bathe and then to Keflavik for your return flight to the UK.

What’s included in your ScanAdventure:

Return scheduled flights from UK to Keflavik International Airport
All airport departure taxes and passenger service charges
Carriage of luggage (1 pc Cabin & 1 pc Checked)
Return airport/hotel transfers
4/6 nights hotel accommodation including all mandatory taxes at the Hotel Laxnes
Lodging in NORTH FACING twin room(s) with private WC/shower
4/6 Scandinavian Style Buffet Breakfasts
Arrival Night Supper in Local Restaurant
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Departure Dates & Prices:

Daily 2019/20
Guide £699pp (child discounts on request) 

*Guide Prices are based on our mid-level contract air fares which are real time variable unlike our ground costs. We don't do fancy lead in prices and always use the lowest air fare available at the time you confirm your booking. This may mean your holiday being slightly less or more in which case a proportionate reduction/supplement will apply. Carpe Diem = the earlier you book the better, especially for public & school holdays. 


The Iconic Golden Circle

A ScanAdventures Safari that bombards the senses. First stop the landscapes south of Lake Þingvallavatn before the National Park Þingvellir. From there continue to Gullfoss, the Golden Waterfall, with its foaming, thundering waters invariably over-arched with a rainbow. Then to the Geyser area with its spouting water geysers and bubbling mud pots with time for lunch (payable locally). Return to Reykjavík via the cathedral at Skálholt, the extraordinary crater Kerið and the greenhouse community Hveragerði. Hotel pick up at 08.00 on Day of Choice. Tour lasts for 8 1/2 hours. Price £72. Children go free, gratis and for nothing. Teenagers pay half price.

Aurora Cruise

start with a visit to Aurora Reykjavik, a sort of Aurora Planetarium down by the harbour and then cruise offshore for one of the best chances Reykjavik offers of catching the Northern Lights showing against the mountain backdrop of Faxafloi Bay and (if you’re doubly lucky) reflected in the waters around you. Your boat the Rosin is a specially built one offering virtually uninterrupted vistas from the poop; amidships and on the foredeck to catch the Aurora however fleetingly they appear. In the saloon below comfort seating, flat screen TV’s and wide vista windows allow you a 360 degree view of the night sky even when you’re taking time out for a hot cocoa. Boat leaves the harbour at 21.00 on Evening of Choice and lasts for 2/3 hours. Price £45pp. Older & Teen Kinder pay half price. Little ones sail for free. If our guides decide the auguries for seeing the aurora are not good, you can re-book for any subsequent night or have supper on us at Restaurant Kopar.

Northern Lights over Pingvellir National Park | Iceland Holidays
Northern Lights over Langjokull | Northern Lights Holidays
Northern Lights over ION Hotel | Reykjavik Short Breaks
Northern Lights over Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon | ScanAdventures

Northern Lights Safari

Hunt for the Northern Lights with our new tour on which exclusively we include a astronomy binocular, free star consteallation map, camera tripods, photography assistance and both on-board personal host & audio guidance*. Sometimes white, wispy and elusive; at others rainbow coloured, swirling and dramatic, the Norwegian, who first gave an explanation as to how they come about was driven mad (literally) by them. If you’re lucky enough to catch a sighting your reaction may be a touch more muted but no less awe struck. The tour comes with a Night Time Gurantee - if you don't see them you can re-book for any subsequent evening or get a full refund on your return. Hotel pick up at 20.30/21.30 on Evening of Choice. Tour lasts for approximately 3 hours. Price £53pp. Children (5-11) go free, gratis and for nothing.Teenagers (12-15) pay half price.You can also rent warm winter boots £9pp and/or a thermal down jacket £18pp if you need them.* in bus audio guidance in 10 languages 

Northern Lights Safari by Super Jeep

the ScanAdventures secret ingredient here is your tour guide (local, experienced) and his vehicle (modified Land Rover Defender with reinforced chassis, 48 inch diameter wheels, air compressor & deflatable tyres). After picking you up from your hotel he drives out of the City to escape the urban lighting and into the surrounding countryside where the spectacular lunar like landscapes provide an ideal backdrop as and when the Northern Lights appear, he’s on hand to help you capture the spectacle on film. Hotel pick up at 20.00 on Evening of Choice. Tour lasts for 3 to 5 hours. Price £168pp. Kinder pay half price.

Aurora Alert:

with all our Northern Lights safaris our guides make a final decision on whether to go hunting or not by 18.00 on the day booked. If they decide not to go you can re-book for any subsequent night.

Iceland Horse Riding Plus ScanAdventures
Iceland Horse Riding Plus ScanAdventures
Iceland Horse Riding Plus ScanAdventures
Iceland Horse Riding Plus ScanAdventures

Horse Riding Plus

Particularly suitable for novices or those with rusty equestrian skills, the Icelandic horse is famed for its even temper, unique 5 gaits and particularly smooth ride. Transfer to the Laxnes Stables which are a mere 5 minutes from your hotel and where, after being matched to a suitable horse ‘ski school style’, you’ll be kitted out with riding hat, boots, waterproof outerwear and tack before riding out in the rugged countryside. You can extend your stay by having lunch there before a further ride in the afternoon or spending the afternoon in the Pingviller Valley, Gullfoss, Geysir and Hveragardi. Hotel pick up at 09.30 on Day of Choice. Morning Tour lasts for 3 hours. Price £65pp Kinder pay £45pp Full Day at the Stables. Tour lasts 7 ½ hours inc light lunch. Price £115pp Kinder pay £79pp Golden Circle Combination Tour. Tour lasts 9 hours inc light lunch. Price £110pp. Kinder pay £49pp

Silver Circle Safari

lesser known than its Golden Circle counterpart but with as many geological spectaculars and something of a cultural bent. Start by travelling alongside the Hvalfjord to a whaling station , then to Borgarnes and the Settlement Centre to catch up on your Sagas before stopping for lunch ( payable locally) at Fossatun in the Borgarfjordur area. Continue to Reykholt a sort of shrine cum memorial cum research center to Snorri Sturluson whose wrtings give us more insight into medieval Icelandic life than anything eles. With that under your belt see the the spouting springs and fumaroles at Deildartunguhver ( if you follow this trail by car you can also go to Hraunfossar and Bornafossar, the waterfall of the children. Finally round off the day with a walk towards the Langjokull glacier before returning to your hotel. Hotel pick up at 07.45 on Day of Choice. Tour lasts for 8 1/2 hours. Price £55pp. Children go free, gratis and for nothing. Teenagers pay half price.

Reykjavik with a Local ScanAdventures
Reykjavik with a Local ScanAdventures
Reykjavik with a Local ScanAdventures
Reykjavik with a Local ScanAdventures

Reykjavik with a Local

Our local guide Audur knows Reykjavik like the back of her hand, lives there and more importantly tailors her walking tours of the city to the interests of her guests rather than the tourist board. With a daughter she describes as her Princess she also has a mother’s sense of the maximum duration of a walk between ice cream and soft drink vendors. With never more than a dozen people at a time her walks are very individual but if you want her all to yourself you can have her for a private tour. Hotel pick up at 08.00 on Day of Choice. Tour lasts for 8 1/2 hours. Price £55pp. Children go free, gratis and for nothing. Teenagers pay half price.

Optional Car Hire

Many of the routes followed by our day tours can be done by car at your own speed. The Golden Circle or some variation of it is particularly good to do this way as you can then have time to do activities along the way and cut out things the children might not be interested in.

Great Geyser | ScanAdventures | Iceland Holidays

  • Flights from 6 UK airports
  • Perfect for Families
  • North facing Winter Aurora room guarantee
  • Arrival Night Supper 
  • Guide Price £699pp