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Your Ice Safari Adventure

A 5 Day Adventure holiday with a difference: high above the Arctic Circle in an igloo village with ice adventures each day. Snowmobiliing across frozen tundra, ice fishing, snowboarding or skiing and even swimming in the Gulf  from the deck of an icebreaker.

The Place

Jussi Eiramo’s most recent creation known as Kakslauttanen’s West Village is a colony of snow and glass igloos some 3 km from his original work of art. It’s these that are the thing here, a way of enjoying a soft core although somewhat ersatz adventure with the chance of seeing the Northern Lights from your bed. As well as kitting you out the thermal clothing for the duration of your stay and stacking your cabin with firewood we probably have a better measure of Kakslauttanen than just about anybody else. In part that comes from our life long battle with the paradox of tourism (see AboutOurPlus) and in part knowing which safaris need Bear Grylls like fitness and which don’t. We think we do.

Log cabin in the evening at Kakslauttanen | Finnish Lapland Holidays by ScanAdventures
Bedroom in deadwood log cabin at Kakslauttanen | ScanAdventures
Fireplace in the kitchen - living room in a log cabin at Kakslauttanen | Holidays to Lapland
Kick sledges in the snow | Lapland, Finland Holidays

Kakslauttanen East Village

The cabins at East Kakslauttanen are the handiwork of Jussi Eiramo who went there as a young man for a summer’s fishing and has stayed ever since. The cabin village, originally known as just Kakslauttanen, is probably Finnish Lapland’s most exquisite example of deadwood log cabins there is, and the giant one at its centre unique in every respect. The 31 cabins and restaurant are all testimony to Jussi's passionate attention to detail and come in varying sizes. All are equipped with shower, toilet, kitchenette, open fireplace and sauna, and set amongst trees around the central building. This has a fully licensed restaurant with an open fireplace around which local specialities are cooked, and a small handicraft/souvenir shop. Kick sleds are available free, gratis and for nothing & cross-country skis & snowshoes can be hired on the spot. It's very much a matter of personal opinion which village you might prefer but the East is perhaps more authentically Lappish in style.

Entrance & porch to cabin at Kakslauttanen's West Village | Finland Holidays by ScanAdventures
Cabin bedroom at Kakslauttanen's West Village | ScanAdventures
Cabin Inside | Holiday to Finland
Sunset in snowy landscape in Kakslauttanen | Lapland Holidays

Kakslauttanen West Village

As with the Jussi Eiramo's* East village, which is some 3 km away, the deadwood log cabins here look just as you would want a log cabin in Lapland to look like with a similar profile and amenities but generally larger: 52sqm ones for up to 5 people and 82sqm with two separate bedrooms for up to 6. Each is equipped with shower, toilet, kitchenette, open fireplace and sauna. The village also has two restaurants, one serving traditional Sami food and the other a touch of Asian fusion (don't ask!). *Owner and architect Jussi went to Kakslauttanen as a young man for a summer’s fishing and has stayed ever since;building first his original cabins, then an ice gallery and snow igloos, glass igloos, a smoke sauna and latterly the West Igloo village.

Snow surrounds of Glass Igloos at Kakslauttanen | Lapland Holidays by ScanAdventures
View of night sky in glass igloo at Kakslauttanen | ScanAdventures
Interior of glass igloo at Kakslauttanen | Holidays to Lapland
Couple in sleeping bag Snow Igloo Kakslauttanen | finland Holidays

Kakslauttanen Igloos

The original glass igloos in the Kakslauttanen East Village, along now with newer larger ones in the West Village, are yet more testimony to Jussi Eiramo's obsession with detail. All are built with a thermal glass domed ceiling that insulates the interior to keep it warm and whose frost preventative element maintains crystal clear panoramic views even with outside temperatures as low as minus 30 Celsius. The smaller ones which are tiny, tiny have twin beds, hanging locker and a WC/hand basin, whilst the new larger ones at 32sqm have 4 single beds, shower and WC. Of course, if you are opposed to all this genuflection to modernity and want to go for the real thing, there are also snow igloos which maintain an inside temperature of between minus 3 and 6 degrees Celsius, and in which you bury yourself in a thermal sleeping bag for the night. Within a short walk of all igloos there are gender separated showers and saunas, perfect for washing and warming up in the morning before breakfast.

1st Day UK – Ivalo

Fly scheduled carrier via Helsinki to Ivalo in Finnish Lapland, transfer to the Kakslauttanen Igloo Village and check in at the giant logwood cabin at the heart of the village. Load up your luggage on a small sled and walk to your cabin with its own fireplace and sauna, before supper in the village restaurant.

2nd Day Snowmobiling & Ice Fishing

After breakfast and a short safety briefing, set off on your snowmobile with your private guide for Lake Inarijarvi to join with local fisherman and a morning’s ice fishing followed by lunch Sami style around an open fire. Then follow a trail to the wooden Lake Pielpajärvi Wilderness Church originating in the 17th century and from there to Inari,the veritable heart of Sami culture, for a guided tour of Sami Silda which traces the history and times of the Sami people down the ages. Re-mount your snowmobile for a high speed scoot (you’ll have got the hang of things by now) back to the village for supper prepared from your day’s catch.

3rd Day Safaris or Skiing & Aurora Snowmobiling

After breakfast, do your own thing (or more accurately what you’ve chosen from our safari options beforehand). Alternatively at nearby Saariselka you can spend the day on a latticed network of over 200km of tracks, downhill ski on any of the 15 slopes ranging from the black 100m Varpunen to Haukka’s green and easy 100m, or Kaunispää’s free style park. In the evening take an early supper and then snowmobile up to a spot on the fjells known locally as being ideal for spotting the Aurora.

4th Day Snow Fun & Igloo Night

Given you’ll have had a pretty tiring evening the night before we’ve set today aside for you to vedge out, chillax and soak up the awesome serenity of the area so quiet you can literally hear it. Alternatively and if you're up for it, you can of course take another safari. Later in the day have supper at the hotel before settling down in your glass igloo (or snow one for that matter) with its special thermal glass through which you can see the night sky and possibly the Northern Lights.

5th Day Ivalo – UK

Breakfast and morning at leisure before transfer to Ivalo and return flight(s) via Helsinki back to London.

What’s included in your ScanAdventure:

Return scheduled flight(s) from Heathrow via Helsinki to Ivalo
All passenger service charges and airport departure taxes
Carriage of luggage (1pc Cabin & 1pc Checked)
Airport/hotel transfers in Lapland
Accommodation in Kakslauttanen West Village
3 nights lodgings in a log cabin with private WC/shower, logwood fireplace with firewood pack & firelighting guide and private sauna
1 night's lodging in glass igloo with twin beds and W/C
Breakfasts (4), picnic lunch (1) & suppers (4) as per itinerary
Ice fishing by snowmobile safari (approx 9 hours) Aurora snowmobile safari (approx 2 1/2 hours)
Special equipment required for safaris

Departure Dates & Prices:

November 1st - December 16th 2019 
£2289pp* [Cabin+Igloo]
LHR HEL 1020 1515 HEL IVL 1635 1805
IVL HEL 1305 1435 HEL LHR 1600 1710
 Kelo Glass Igloo supplement £200 per adult (based on 4 people sharing)
*Guide prices are in part based on our mid-level contract air fares which are veriable in real time unlike our ground supplier contract costs which are generally fixed. We don’t do fancy lead in prices and the time you confirm your booking always use the lowest air fare available. This may mean the confirmed price of your holiday being slightly less or more than the guide price in which case a proportionate reduction-supplement will apply. Carpe Diem = the earlier you book the better, especially for public & school holidays.

Reindeer Safari by Kakslauttanen | Finnish Lapland
Reindeer Safari by Kakslauttanen | Finnish Lapland
Happy girl feeding two white reindeer by Kakslauttanen | Finnish Lapland
White reindeer calf by Kakslauttanen | Finnish Lapland

Reindeer Safaris

spend the daylight hours on one of the most tranquil journeys Lapland can muster up: a reindeer safari through the forest driving your own sleigh in a caravan led by a reindeer herder. You'll be picked up from Kakslauttanen and taken to Timo & Armi Palonoja's reindeer corral: a hand's on Sami family business with son Jukka gradualy taking over the reins. Settle on a sleigh under hide blankets before setting off through the wilderness. Relax, take in the fresh air and listen to nothing more than the muffled melody of the reindeer’s hooves drumming in the snow. You'll see wild animal footsteps, hear the wind rustling the tree branches and see the ancient untouched landscape pass slowly by. Stop to stretch your legs en-route and at the end of your journey take lunch in a Kota; the traditional reindeer herder’s shelter and home. Listen to his stories (both tall and short) whilst sipping your salmon soup. Departs from Kakslauttanen at 09.30hrs. 4 hours. £141pp 2 hours £137pp The longer safari includes a light lunch; the shorter one sooty coffee, berry juice & cookies.

Cute husky puppies in Lapland, Finland | ScanAdventures
Excited huskies waiting for guests to ride with them | Lapland Holidays
Huskies pulling a sled through a snowy landscape | Lapland Holidays
Husky Safari in a white forest in Lapland, Finland | Holidays to Lapland

Husky Safaris

Try the Formula 1 alternative to the tranquil reindeer safari with one by husky. You'll be picked up from Kakslauttanen and taken to the kennels where the dogs all have their own names, character and little kennel houses spaced out in a forest clearing. The musher will show you how to balance on the sled, use the brake, steer and generally handle your own dog team. Whilst all this is going down the cacophony of wooing, singing and howling will reach a near deafening pitch only to subside the moment your team pulls away; then all you will hear is the slicing of the runners cutting through the snow. En route you'll stop and tumble into a wilderness hut and warm up over an open fire and a hot soup lunch. Musher's stories are told and as with those from the reindeer herders they come both tall and short. Departs from Kakslauttanen at 09.30hrs. 4 hours. £175pp 2 hours £127pp* The longer safari includes light lunch; the shorter one sooty coffee, berry juice & cookies.

Snowmobile safari by Kakslauttanen | ScanAdventures
Coffee by  an open fire at Kakslauttanen
Sunset Snowmobile Safari by Kakslauttanen | Finnish Lapland
Sunset Snowmobile Safari by Kakslauttanen | Finnish Lapland

Snowmobile Safaris

The ultimate ATV for use on snow & ice, the snowmobile is the supersonic Jeremy Clarkson way of getting around in Sapmi, and riding one through the forest is just about as boy's own racer as it gets. Modern 4 stroke machines whether Bombardier Ski-Doos, Lynx or Polaris with their low centre of gravity are easy and safe to drive, controlled for acceleration and braking from the handle bar and having a 'kill switch' to shut down the engine in emergencies. Scooting through the forest along soft snow trails, over frozen ice lakes and across mogul littered tundra is a magic way of enjoying the fjell landscapes. At the mid-point of your safari you can take a breather while your guide prepares an al fresco lunch around an open fire and you savour the silence of the wilderness and the sound of the wind winding round the tops of the pines. Departs from Kakslauttanen at 09.30hrs. 4 hours. £138pp 2 hours £93pp. Night time Aurora Safari departing at 20.00. 3 hours. £137pp The longer safari includes a light lunch; the shorter ones sooty coffee, berry juice & cookies.

Little boy learning to Nordic ski in Lapland, Finland
Couple Nordic skiing into the sunset on Kaunispaa fell, Lapland, Finland
Happy couple taking a break from snowshoe walking in Lapland, Finland
Snowy landscape in Lapland, Finland

Ski school and snowshoe rental

Nordic ski school with instructor £55pp for 1hour including 24 hour ski equipment rental 24 hour ski equipment and snowshoe rental £22pp

Lappish Kuksa mugs on the table in front of wine shelves in lodge restaurant in Kakslauttanen, Lapland
View of cozy lodge restaurant in Kakslauttanen, Lapland
Sami dinner starter plate in restaurant in Kakslauttanen, Lapland
Charcoal grilled salmon by the fireplace in restaurant in Kakslauttanen

Highlight Sami Dinner Menus

3 Course Charcoal Grilled Salmon Menu £44pp 3 Course Wild Boar Filet Menu £47pp 3 Course Elk Filet Menu £55pp 3 Course Reindeer Filet Menu £50pp *Special menus must be booked in advance of travel. Please also advise any special dietary requirements.

Snowmobile safari in a snowy forest in Saariselka, Finland
Reindeer herder with his reindeer
White reindeer calf surrounded by his herd
Sunset in a snowy landscape in Lapland, Finland

Reindeer Corral & Snowmobiling

Combine two safaris in one with a visit to a reindeer corral, snowmobiling there and back. You'll be picked up from Kakslauttanen and taken to a machine pick up point for a short safety briefing & driving lesson before scooting off through the forest along soft snow trails, over frozen ice lakes and across mogul littered tundra. Modern 4 stroke snowmobiles with their low centre of gravity whether Bombardier Ski-Doos, Lynx or Polaris are easy and safe to drive, controlled for acceleration and braking from the handle bar, and have a 'kill switch' to shut down the engine in emergencies. When you arrive at Armi Palonoja's reindeer corral, a friendly Sami guide shows you around and tells of the reindeer in Sapmi (Lapland) and a nomadic herder’s life. Afterwards you can swop drivers for the scoot back to the village. Departs from Kakslauttanen at 09.30. 3 hours approx. £119pp

Kakslauttanen Hardcore

Sky view over glass igloos at Kakslauttanen, Finland

  • 5 Days of Hardcore Adventure
  • Aurora Snowmobile Safari
  • Optional Skiing
  • Breakfasts throughout, 1 arctic al fresco lunche & 4 suppers 
  • Protective Thermal Clothing included
  • Guide Price £2289 pp