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Sitting 400km north of the Arctic Circle at the apex of the Scandinavian peninsula where Norway juts up against Sweden and Russia, the Kirkenes Snow Hotel is almost the world's most Northerly Ice Hotel (The Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel beats it by about 20 minutes of latitude). In the surrounding plains of Norwegian Lapland where NATO faced down the Rusian Bear during the Cold War you can snowmobile up to Observation Point 247, mush huskies across the vastness of Arctic tundra, mingle with reindeer and fish for Giant Crabs with a two metre 'claw span'. And take your R & R in this, the boutique of the worlds' ice hotels, staying in their unique luxy Gamme cabins with a valedictory night in a sculpted snow room, with a cool berry cocktail to kick off supper in their Høyloftet restaurant overlooking Langfjorden. 

Exterior view of Gamme Cabin | Kirkenes Snow Hotel
Northern Lights Picture window in Gamme Cabin | Kirkenes Snow Hotel
Kirkenes Snow Hotel | Holidays to Norway
Interior of Gamme Cabin | Kirkenes Snow Hotel

Kirkenes Gamme Cabins

Taking inspiration from a 'gamme', the traditional wilderness hut of the Arctic Sami region, but using Swiss (sic) architectural design & ingenuity to provide air conditioning, underfloor heating, a state of the art bathroom and a panoromic Aurora viewing window, Gamma cabins give you the best of both worlds. Parked in front of the latter are cane chairs covered in sheepskin rugs from where you can keep watch for the Northern Lights in the comforting warmth of your cabin. ​  

Hollywood Theme Snow Room | Kirkenes Snow Hotel
Taj Mahal Theme at Kirkenes Snow Hotel | Holidays to Norway
Nativity Theme Snow Room | Kirkenes Snow Hotel
Arctic Theme Snow Room | Kirkenes Snow Hotel

Kirkenes Snow Rooms

Decorated with intricately carved ice art sculpted by ice designers from Harbin, the capital of  China's Heilongjiang province and home to an annual Ice & Snow Festival, the Kirkenes Snow Hotel's  20 or so snow room are a cut above the average. Illuminated by ice sculptures, each has frame beds mounted on ice blocks topped with thermal insulation and reindeer pelts and can sleep from 2 to 5 people.

1st Day UK – Oslo

Fly from the UK to Oslo, transfer by the high speed train Flytoget to the city centre and check in at the Hotel Grims Grenka or an airport hotel if preferred. (On some days of the week you may be able to fly on to Kirkenes on the same day in which case your itinerary can be re-scheduled accordingly.)

2nd Day Oslo - Kirkenes - King Crab Safari

take breakfast in your hotel and then fly up to Kirkenes' Hoybuktmoen airport, transfer to the Gamme Reindeer Park & the Kirkenes Snow Hotel and check in to your Gamme Cabin. After the ultimate in cool check-in toasted with a wild berry cocktail from the Snow Bar it's time for your first Arctic Adventure: snowmobiling out over a frozen fjord in search of the sub aquatic albatross of the Barents Sea, the King Crab, so called because of its 2-metre claw span. From the frozen water's edge on Namndalen you'll snowmobile to the edge of the ice, help cut a hole in it, draw up the crab pods and take your catch back to the quayside. Then watch a local fisherman, Lars Petter Olie, prepare and cook it before serving it up in a lakeside farmhouse where you'll discover why Gordon Ramsey came all the way here to see what the fuss was all about. And what it's all about is juicy sweet leg meat rivalling lobster and the warmth of an an open crackling fire!! Return to the hotel and supper in the hotel's Gabba or Høyloftet restaurant.

3rd Day Arctic Tundra Snowmobile Safari

After breakfast get ready for the ultimate ATV for use on Arctic Tundra: the snowmobile, the supersonic Jeremy Clarkson way of getting around in Arctic Norway; riding one is just about as boy's own racer as it gets. Modern 4 stroke machines whether Bombardier Ski-Doos, Lynx or Polaris with their low centre of gravity are easy and safe to drive, controlled for acceleration and braking from the handle bar and having a 'kill switch' to shut down the engine in emergencies. Scooting along soft snow trails, over frozen ice lakes and across mogul littered tundra is a magic way of enjoying the landscapes. At the mid-point of your safari you can take a breather whilst your guide prepares an al fresco lunch around an open fire and you savour the silence of the taiga wilderness and the sound of the wind winding coming off the Barents Sea. Supper in the Gabba or Høyloftet Restaurant.

4th Day Husky Safari & Snow Room Night

Today it's time to enjoy a more tranquil safari than the Formula 1 snowmobile the previous day. You'll be taken to the kennels where the dogs all have their own names, character and little kennel houses spaced out in a clearing. The musher will show you how to balance on the sled, use the brake, steer and generally handle your own dog team. Whilst all this is going down the cacophony of wooing, singing and howling will reach a near deafening pitch only to subside the moment your team pulls away; then all you'll hear is the slicing of the runners cutting through the snow. En route you'll stop to warm up over an open fire and a hot soup lunch whilst musher's stories are told, both tall and short. In the early evening after a 3 course Arctic dinner blushed wih locally dried wild herbs, rowan berries and cheese from a local farmer you'll sleep the sleep of angels in a ice sculpted Snow Room.

5th Day Kirkenes - UK

Wake up to a warming sauna and breakfast before transferring to the airport for your return flight back to the UK.

What’s included in your ScanAdventure:

Return scheduled flight(s) from the UK to Oslo & Oslo to Kirkenes
All passenger service charges and airport departure taxes
Complimentary beverages & Pay on Board food service
Carriage of luggage (1pc Cabin & 1pc Checked)
Airport/hotel transfers in Kirkenes 
3 nights hotel accommodation ( Oslo & Kirkenes)  
Lodgings in twin rooms with private WC/Shower
1 night in Snow Room or Gamme Cabin
4 breakfasts, 3 Arctic al Fresco lunches & 1 dinner
King Crab Safari (4 hours)
Husky Safari (4 hours)
Snowmobile Safari (4 hours)
Thermal clothing Pack
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Departure Dates & Prices:

December 1st - 20th January 6th - April 20th 2019 (NOR10)
Guide Price £1769 pp
Guide prices are in part based on our mid-level contract air fares which are variable in real time unlike our ground supplier contract costs which are generally fixed. We don’t do fancy lead in prices and at the time you confirm your booking always use the lowest air fare available. This may mean the confirmed price of your holiday being slightly less or more than the guide price in which case a proportionate reduction-supplement will apply. Carpe Diem = the earlier you book the better, especially for public & school holidays.

Safaris included or available on request

Fishing for King Crabs by the Kirkenes Snow Hotel | ScanAdventures

  • Unique Boutique Snow Hotel 
  • Ice Art Snow Room Night 
  • Plus Husky & Snowmobile Safaris 
  • Guide Price  £1769 pp