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Driving on Ice | Holidays to Sweden

A 4 day holiday at Sweden's ICEHOTEL with a choice of 'cold' & 'warm' lodgings, a menu of safaris by snowmobile, husky & reindeer and activities like ice sculpting & photography from which you can Design Your Own Adventure. The glittering, clinquant, sparkling white ICEHOTEL is probabaly, as a beer might put it, the ultimate adventure base camp from which keep an eye out or venture out to spot the Northern Lights . You’ll sleep on a bed of ice topped with reindeer skins on one night of your stay and in cabin like lodgings on the others. And meet real Sami people like Nils Tjorbin , mush with real husky mushers like Kenth Fjellborg and eat real Arctic Food like Kalix bleak roe; smoked Arctic char & mousse; filet of venison from reindeer and Arctic bramble sorbet. All the ingredients for a perfect adventure cocktail: shaken not stirred.

Besam Doors Entrance to ICEHOTEL | Sweden Holidays by ScanAdventures
Snow Room at ICEHOTEL on Design Your Own Holiday | ScanAdventures
ICEHOTEL Reception | Holidays to Sweden
Ice Room at ICEHOTEL on Design Your Own Holiday | Sweden Holidays

Snow & Ice Rooms

Snow Rooms are built in the shape of a traditional igloo and sleep up to 4 people. There are generally only two or three of these built in any one year. Ice Rooms are slightly larger than Snow Rooms, typically designed with a double bed and some ice ‘furniture’ for decoration. Generally for two people although there are a limited number that can sleep 3.

Interior of ICEHOTEL Arctic Chalet | Sweden Holidays by ScanAdventures
Interior of ICEHOTEL Kaamos Room | ScanAdventures
Interior of ICEHOTEL Nordic Chalet | Holidays to Sweden
Bathroom with WC/Shower in ICEHOTEL Room | Sweden Holidays

Warm Rooms

Artcic Chalets are free-standing, sleep up to three people in two bedrooms (a double and a single) and have a small living room and bathroom with Shower/WC. The walls are faced in tongue & groove pine, furnished with dark slate fabrics and each chalet is equiped with a fridge, kettle, TV, WI-Fi and telephone. Kaamos rooms have a common entrance & hallway with clothes hanging space and their own entrance. They sleep 2 people in either twin or double beds and have a bathroom with Shower/WC. The walls are faced in tongue & groove white pine giving a light forest spring feel and each room is equiped with a fridge, kettle, TV, WI-Fi and telephone. Nordic Chalets are free-standing, sleep up to four people in two bedrooms (a double and one with bunk beds) and have a kitchenette, small living room and bathroom with Shower/WC. Walls are faced with white pine, furnished in light grey and each chalet is equiped with a fridge, kettle, TV, WI-Fi and telephone.

1st Day UK – Swedish Lapland

fly via Stockholm’s Arlanda airport to Kiruna in Swedish Lapland where you'll land just after one o'clock local time and be met by your local guide who'll transfer you to the ICEHOTEL. Check in, collect your thermal gear and at around 4, take a guided tour of the ICEHOTEL. In the early evening set off on a search for the Northern Lights either by snowmobile or on horseback. On your return try a 'Northern Lights','Wolf's Paw' or 'Czarina' in the ICEBAR to set you up for your night on Ice in an Ice Room.

2nd Day Design Your Own Day

wake up to a mug of hot lingonberry juice, warm out your bones with a sauna and take breakfast in the ICEHOTEL restaurant. Spend today with huskies on either a short morning mush, a longer stretching into the afternoon with a wilderness lunch and time at the kennels OR an overnight trip to a wildernss encampment. If you fancy something more testosterone charging then a snowmobile safari might be the thing with ones lasting anywhere between 3 hours or overnight to a wilderness camp. (Modern Polaris 4 stroke machines with their low centre of gravity are easy and safe to drive, controlled for acceleration and braking from the handle bar, and have a 'kill switch' to shut down the engine in emergencies)

3rd Day Design Your Own Day

depending (obviously) on what you've done the day before you can take things a bit easier today if you choose. You can visit Sami reindeer herder, Nils Torbjorn Nutti who keeps a herd in Saarivuoma. Around 15 years ago during a particularly harsh winter, with snow packed down hard on forest grazing pasture, he necessarily corralled his herd for the winter to feed it. Nil’s father Henrik repaired some old harnesses he had, helped tame the animals,trained them to pull sledges and now takes guests on either short or long safaris through the forest. Ice Sculpting & wildlife photography courses are also available if you fancy combining some self improvement with your holiday.

4th Day Swedish Lapland - UK

take breakfast and a look around the village with its collection of wooden buildings and, at the dead end Marknadsvagen, Jukkasarvi’s red ochre wooden church with its colourful triptych. Parts of the building date back to the 17th century and hidden under the nave are the mummified remains of villagers preserved from the 18th. Then transfer to Kiruna airport for your return flight to the UK via Stockholm.

What’s included in your ScanAdventure:

Return scheduled flight(s) from the UK to Kiruna via Stockholm (Arlanda)
All passenger service charges and airport departure taxes
Carriage of luggage (1pc Cabin & 1 pc Checked)
Complimentary Beverages & Pay on Board in flight food service
Group airport/hotel transfers in Swedish Lapland
3 nights' accommodation at ICEHOTEL
Lodgings inSnow room/Ice room/Northern Lights room/Art Suite/Deluxe Suite as selected for 1 night
Arctic Chalet/Kaamos Room or Nordic Chalet for 2 nights
3 Buffet breakfasts, arrival snack lunch at Hembygdsgården
Guided tour of ICEHOTEL
Protective thermal clothing (thermal onesie, hat, boots and mittens) for duration of stay in Jukkasarvi.
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Departure Dates & Prices:

December 13th 2019 to April 1st 2020
Guide £1299pp
Guide prices are in part based on our mid-level contract air fares which are variable in real time unlike our ground supplier contract costs which are generally fixed. We don’t do fancy lead in prices and the time you confirm your booking always use the lowest air fare available. This may mean the confirmed price of your holiday being slightly less or more than the guide price in which case a proportionate reduction-supplement will apply. Carpe Diem = the earlier you book the better, especially for public & school holidays.

Safaris included or available on request

Snow Room at ICEHOTEL | ScanAdventures

  • 3 Days at the legendary ICEHOTEL
  • Design Your Own Safari Programme
  • Scheduled Flights
  • Bespoke arrangement
  • Guide Price £1299 pp